• Bootcamp in OS X El Capitan Doesn't Require a USB Drive on Some Macs

    Yesterday, Apple launched OS X 10.11 El Capitan to the general public after a long beta period. The operating system, which has been highly regarded as the operating system that ties up all of Apple's loose ends over the years, drastically improves desktop performance, battery life, and adds a number of new features to the built-in applications and system overall.

    One of the things that slipped under the radar, as first pointed out by Two Canoes, an application development firm for the Mac, was the new Bootcamp Windows installer tool, which on some Macs, no longer requires the use of a USB flash drive to install the latest version of Windows on a separate partition that can be used for dual-booting your machine.

    Instead, the updated Bootcamp Windows installer tool just requires the ISO file, and OS X can take it from there. As you can see in the screenshot example above, after selecting your ISO image file, you can adjust the partition size in the same window, which saves time, is more efficient, and costs less because the user doesn't need to invest in a large flash drive to complete the job.

    Instead of requiring a USB flash drive, the Mac will create two partitions on the Mac *one for Bootcamp, and another one called "OSXRESERVED" where the Windows installer files go. This way, Bootcamp can just install the Windows files from the "OSXRESERVED" partition rather than a USB flash drive.

    Notably however, the new Bootcamp is only available on specific models of Mac computers. Those using a Mac Pro, MacBook Air (13"), MacBook Air (11"), MacBook Pro with retina display (15"), or MacBook Pro with retina display (13") can take advantage of the new Bootcamp Windows installer. On the other hand, those using an iMac (27"), iMac (21.5"), MacBook Pro non-retina model (13"), or even surprisingly a USB-C MacBook, will not get the new Bootcamp Windows installer and will still have to resort to using a USB flash drive as a Windows install disk.

    Are you using Bootcamp on your OS X El Capitan Mac?

    Source: Two Canoes
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    1. cyberjunkyfreak's Avatar
      cyberjunkyfreak -
      interesting, i used bootcamp for the first time just last week, and i installed Windows 10 using the .iso image. it did not occur to me that it was cutting edge... the install went flawless.
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