• Apple SVP Eddy Cue Talks about iPhone Roaming Charges and Apple Music Subscriptions

    According to senior VP, Eddy Cue, Apple seems to have made progress in addressing the issue of carrier roaming charges for iPhone owners, despite obstacles with partners. Cue recently told the British publication, the Evening Standard, the following regarding the matter:

    It's sad, it's another problem. We're trying to fix it and we're making a little bit of progress but you've got to convince a lot of people.
    Unfortunately, Cue didn’t elaborate what Apple might be trying to do but one possibility is that the company is pushing carriers to adopt international data roaming at no additional cost. As of right now, T-Mobile USA has already adopted this policy but the practice doesn’t seem to be one that is widespread. Apple previously pushed AT&T to allow unlimited US data for early iPhone models. Though there are many smartphones that compete with the iPhone, the iOS device’s popularity could still be used to pressure carriers into changing their plans.

    One of the other options here is that Apple might end up becoming a MVNO, which stands for a mobile virtual network operator. In a move that was rather unusual though, the Cupertino California company quickly denied rumors that it had been in talks or was even considering the prospect.

    During this talk with the Evening Standard, when Apple Music came up, Cue said that Apple was “pleased with the number of people who have tried,” while at the same time downplaying interest in subscriber numbers. The last official figures placed the figures at roughly 11 million but many could choose to go elsewhere when faced with the prospect of monthly fees. Cue had the following remarks regarding the matter:

    Everybody gets fixated on the short term but we're in this for the long haul.
    Source: Evening Standard
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