• Tim Cook Asks Employees to Remember Steve Jobs in Company E-mail, 4 Years After Passing

    Today marks the fourth anniversary of the passing of Apple ex-CEO and visionary Steve Jobs, who battled cancer and passed away just one day after the iPhone 4s was unveiled.

    Apple's current CEO, Tim Cook, has e-mailed Apple employees on Monday, asking everyone to remember Steve's legacy on this dark day. The e-mail, which was first shared by The Telegraph on Monday, can be read in full below:


    Today marks four years since Steve passed away. On that day, the world lost a visionary. We at Apple lost a leader, a mentor, and many of us lost a dear friend.

    Steve was a brilliant person, and his priorities were very simple. He loved his family above all, he loved Apple, and he loved the people with whom he worked so closely and achieved so much.

    Each year since his passing, I have reminded everyone in the Apple community that we share the privilege and responsibility of continuing the work Steve loved so much.

    What is his legacy? I see it all around us: An incredible team that embodies his spirit of innovation and creativity. The greatest products on earth, beloved by customers and empowering hundreds of millions of people around the world. Soaring achievements in technology and architecture. Experiences of surprise and delight. A company that only he could have built. A company with an intense determination to change the world for the better.

    And, of course, the joy he brought his loved ones.

    He told me several times in his final years that he hoped to live long enough to see some of the milestones in his children’s lives. I was in his office over the summer with Laurene and their youngest daughter. Messages and drawings from his kids to their father are still there on Steve’s whiteboard.

    If you never knew Steve, you probably work with someone who did or who was here when he led Apple. Please stop one of us today and ask what he was really like. Several of us have posted our personal remembrances on AppleWeb, and I encourage you to read them.

    Thank you for honoring Steve by continuing the work he started, and for remembering both who he was and what he stood for.

    After remembering one of the things he remembered about Jobs, Cook asks the rest of the Apple employees that may not have known Jobs personally to ask someone who did know Jobs personally what he was like. The emotional gesture is a way to spread Jobs' spirit among the staff at Apple, both new and old, and keep his legacy alive.

    Source: The Telegraph
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    1. Hondamaker's Avatar
      Hondamaker -
      Very nice email. Tim Cook shows class most of the time.
    1. miketurbo123's Avatar
      miketurbo123 -
      I can't believe it has been 4 years
    1. steve-z17's Avatar
      steve-z17 -
      Can't believe it's been four years already! You da man Jobs!
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