• Best Buy Leaks Become a Gusher

    [UPDATED: BBInsider pointed out that the original story misstated the reason why PhotoBucket rejected the leaked files. I've made corrections below.]

    Someone inside Best Buy is leaking like the Deepwater Horizon. There's little that's earth-shattering or sketchy in the internal info that's been revealed, with the possible exception of the fact that Best Buy may be offering pre-orders as late as 11am on launch day, June 24th. That's if they actually have un-pre-sold inventory on that day, which is unclear at this time. However, many retailers have ordered large quantities: when they get them, of course, is anyone's guess.

    Details of the electronics retailer's iPhone 4 launch were leaked to the mobile phone discussion site HowardForums.com last week. Because [snip] the size of the scanned documents exceeded his PhotoBucket limit, the Best Buy employee - using the name BBInsider - has been providing scanned images of internal company documents to iClarified.

    Along with standard stuff like what time to show up on launch day (3 hours before the store opens) and how to deal with the possible crowds (no additional workers, "partner across the store" i.e. drag somebody from the audio department over) the newly-leaked employee bulletin includes a provision allowing pre-orders ("pre-sales") to be accepted before the store opens up to 11am local time. Most best Buy locations open at 10 am.

    A common thread running through all the employee instructions is the fact that no one seems to know how many iPhones will be available on launch day, or if any will be. Supposedly, there will be an update later this week - which BBInsider will probably leak as soon as he or she gets a hold of it - and we'll know if lines outside of Best Buys will be justified. Leaked inventory orders, though, show many stores ordering anywhere from 20 to 70 16GB black iPhone 4s. This is no indication of how many will actually ship - there are also orders for white iPhones, which we know will not be available on launch day.

    Rumors out earlier this month had 30 32GB and 15 16GB phones going to each store. These unconfirmed reports were before the pre-orders began and chaos ensued.

    images via iClarified
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