• Verizon Facing Criticism Over Data Sharing Decision

    Verizon, which recently acquired AOL in a mammoth deal, is ready to put its partnership to good use. Of course, "good use" isn't a term a lot of Verizon subscribers are using tonight.

    This week, Verizon provider subscribers with a notice "to explain how Verizon and AOL will work together." When Verizon says it wants to deliver services that are more personalized and useful, what they're also saying is that they will share subscriber information with AOL to improve ad targeting.

    Here's what we know. Starting next month Verizon will combine Verizonís existing advertising programs into the AOL Advertising Network. "The combination will help make the ads you see more valuable across the different devices and services you use."

    Not surprisingly, a lot of Verizon customers aren't pleased with the data sharing -- data that includes "your postal and email addresses, certain information about your Verizon products and services (such as device type), and information we obtain from other companies (such as gender, age range, and interests)."

    Verizon, however, makes it clear that the do not share information that identifies subscribers personally.

    To read the full announcement and learn more about your options for opting-out, click here.

    Source: Verizon
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      steve-z17 -
      "This week, Verizon provider subscribers with a notice"

      I think you meant "provided".
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