• Tesla's Elon Musk Takes Multiple Jabs at Apple

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently sat down with German newspaper Handelsblatt and discussed the rumored Apple Car. As most of you also know, Tesla and Apple have been fighting for the same employees and Apple even hired some of the automaker’s ex-employees. The newspaper asked Musk what he thought about the overlap and about Apple hiring previous Tesla workers. Musk responded with:

    Important engineers? They have hired people we’ve fired. We always jokingly call Apple the “Tesla Graveyard.” If you don’t make it at Tesla, you go work at Apple. I’m not kidding.
    Then the CEO was asked on how he felt about the rumored Apple Car, with what Musk responded saying:

    Did you ever take a look at the Apple Watch?
    But then he said it was the company’s ‘next logical thing’ to do. If you ask us, it’s a pretty harsh thing to say about a company as successful as Apple and to poke fun at a company in the public spotlight. The Tesla CEO also said after, that innovation in the form of a larger iPad and an Apple Pencil is not ‘relevant enough.'

    According to the newspaper, Musk noted that cars are much more complicated that smartwatches and smartphones. He said that one can’t just go to a Foxconn supplier and ask for a car to be built. What do you think of all the comments made towards Apple? Share your thoughts with us in the section below.

    Source: Handelsblatt
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    1. novadam's Avatar
      novadam -
      I don't think Musk is wrong about any of that. I always thought the Cult of Jobs was silly, but since he died, it seems like quality and innovation have gone in the wrong direction.
    1. jigar7's Avatar
      jigar7 -
      Quote Originally Posted by novadam View Post
      I don't think Musk is wrong about any of that. I always thought the Cult of Jobs was silly, but since he died, it seems like quality and innovation have gone in the wrong direction.
      You said it spot on! I was surprised by the MS conference that took place 2 days ago. The iPad "Pro" has nothing pro about it when comparing the productivity aspect with the MS Surface 4 having a full blown Win8 on the tablet. The least iPad Pro could do was at least have the OSX on it (and seeing USBs on iDevices is kind of a very distant dream... lol). The Apple Pencil... omg... epic fail... looks like an iPad dong while on charging. You charge the iPad first and then from that you charge the Apple Pencil... how stupid is that! I believe Apple has never heard about Intous devices... including a charging stand/dock with the pencil would have been something logical to buy.

      I believe the last good innovation was the TouchID and Retina display before that. Now Apple seems to be out to milk consumers ever since the 5S release. They could have put 2GB ram and a better camera in the 6/6S+ last year... but no... they saved it for the 6S/6S+... and now this chipgate issue... *sigh*

      It ridiculous to have different parts on the same line of models that many other manufacturers do too, not just Apple. That is like a ticking time bomb... this was meant to happen... and Apple's response was even more pathetic to the chipgate issue.
    1. unison999's Avatar
      unison999 -
      Musk does have a point, also Musk is the reason people is paying attention to electric vehicles.
      Musk is also correct about Apple Watch, I have one and it is crap going to give it away to a friend of mine.
      He is also correct about larger iPad and the pen...

      Tesla have so many patents on electric cars, if Apple have anything that even hint at one of the patent (very likely consider all the ex-employees) There will be injunction put on manufacturing Apple Car before it even hits the market.
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