• Pricing of Apple's Mac Lineup Increases in Multiple Foreign Countries

    Pricing of Apple’s MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, and Mac Pro has increased recently in multiple countries including Australia, Brazil, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Thailand, and Turkey. The increase in pricing is due to values of local foreign currencies continuing to fluctuate against the dollar. This is the second price hike for Australian and New Zealand customers this year.

    The prices of entry level Mac Mini models have increased in New Zealand from NZ$749 to NZ$899, the 11-inch MacBook Air increased from NZ$1,399 to NZ$1,599, the 12-inch MacBook with Retina display increased from NZ$1,999 to NZ$2,399 at launch to now NZ$2,899, and the Mac Pro went from NZ$4,499.00 to NZ$5,699.00,

    In Brazil, the MacBook Air previously ranged from R$ 5.899,00 and R$ 7.699,00 to now R$ 8.499,00 and R$ 11.499,00. In Malaysia, the 12-inch MacBook used to be 4,769 ringgits to now 5,899 ringgits, and in Norway pricing was 12,590 krones to now 14,990 krones.

    Apple has been adjusting prices of products internationally every so often for the past 2 years. Sometimes Apple apps and iTunes Music prices also increase when the dollar strengthens. But it seems this is affecting more countries recently more than ever.

    Source: Apple
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