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    The Anthrax leg of GreenPois0n is a cross-platform iPhone ramdisk toolkit. Currently leading the development of Anthrax is the well known dev/hacker Gojohnnyboi. He is currently working on an open-source ramdisk framework and build template. This build template will give developers a simple way to build various types of ramdisks without an extensive knowledge of how they work internally. The various types of ramdisks that this will allow, makes his work very exciting. Some basic ones that could be easily made are jailbreak ramdisks, ssh ramdisks, repair ramdisks, hacktivation ramdisks, and a mux ramdisks.

    jailbreak ramdisk - a ramdisk that will mount the filesystem, replace any files that need patched (including the kernel and fstab), and flash patched firmware images into NOR.

    ssh ramdisk - a ramdisk which contains a bare shell that a user could interact with via the ssh protocol in order to perform operations on the device via the shell.

    repair ramdisk - a ramdisk that when booted, fixes broken directory structure or files in the filesystem, permissions, deleted files, in order to save from having to restore your device.

    hacktivation ramdisk - a ramdisk that will allow for activating a device without the need of a restore or re-running of jailbreak programs.

    mux ramdisk - a ramdisk that hosts a usb connection the same way lockdownd and apple's restore ramdisk do, in order to perform interactive operations via a socket connection with usbmuxd. Perhaps allowing an open source restore server.
    The framework will support nvram read/write, framebuffer image/text display, disk mounting and read/write operations, and hardware information.

    While the number of vulnerabilities are dwindling in iOS, its refreshing to see that the number of devs working to make our mobile experience better are not. I think the next few weeks will be very exciting as more amazing products such as the Anthrax Ramdisk Kit are developed.

    Check out his progress and support Gojohnnyboi on his blog and twitter:

    John Heaton
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