• iPhone 4: Faster Than iPhone 3GS, Possibly Slower Than iPad

    The results are in. Early benchmark tests indicate that the iPhone 4, as one would hope, is faster than the iPhone 3GS. It isn't, however, faster than the iPad, although this news doesn't appear to have shocked anyone thus far. But based on the findings of the Geekbench 2 app, the iPhone 4 likely won't disappoint anyone by proving too slow for our lightning-fast expectations.

    Here's what we know. Benchmark tests reveal that the iPhone 4 is roughly 30% faster than the iPhone 3GS. On the other hand, the iPad still has the iPhone 4 beat, although both products have the same Apple A4 processor. Of course, benchmarks aren't the most accurate means for truly clocking the speed and processing power of an Apple device, but the feedback thus far has made for interesting food for thought. Not until iOS 4.0 hits the iPad can we get a more accurate side-by-side comparison.

    The team at iFixit, however, has thoroughly busted into the iPhone 4 and, from the looks of it, Apple's updated smartphone has - at least in theory - the same "guts" as the iPad and, consequently, should be able to run at the same 1GHz clock speed. Even with its smaller frame, the iPhone 4 packs some 512MB of memory and has all the familiar trapping of a real speed demon when it comes to relishing cutting edge features (at least for the iPhone) like multitasking.

    While there are no shortage of differing opinions on the speed of the iPhone 4, no one has expressed frustration or a lack of enthusiasm about its speed potential. So far, virtually all reviews and in-hand analysis have reiterated the same message: the iPhone 4 is faster than the lines will probably move tomorrow at Apple stores around the nation.

    Image via Geek Bench
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