• Valve Gifting its Complete Pack to "Steam Link" Mac Customers Due to Delayed Support

    According to a recently sent out email from Valve, the company is set to provide updates and free games for the Steam Link and Steam Controller due to an issue where both products are lacking the expected Mac support that was touted with the device. The Steam Link isn’t working at all with Macs according to the folks over at Eurogamer and the Steam Controller doesn’t currently support gamepad emulation on Macs, though people who are running the Steam Beta client should be able to use the keyboard/mouse emulation.

    Valve attributed the blame to “temporary software issues”, promising that the Controller’s Mac gamepad emulation should be functional “within a few weeks.” As far as the Steam Link goes, the company said that it is working on an update that will provide full support in the near future. Gamers are currently being encouraged to use the Steam Beta to get updates as soon as possible.

    To help compensate its users, Valve is gifting the Valve Complete Pack, which normally costs $100 and includes all of Valve’s games, even unreleased titles. Those who choose to return the hardware have 60 days to do so instead of the usual 30 and will have the option to still keep the Complete Pack.

    For those of you who didn’t know, the Steam Link is intended to stream games from any computer running Steam to a remote TV where people can also hook up gamepads for a console-like experience. Though it supports third-party gamepads from companies such as Microsoft and Logitech, people are ideally expected to utilize the Steam Controller which features trackpads for more mouse-like precision.

    Are any of you among the affected in this situation? If so, do you plan to return your device or keep it? Share your thoughts below!

    Source: Eurogamer
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