• Windows Mobile 6.5 Released... Wait, What?

    image via PCWorld

    There's a number of amusing - from the non-Microsoft perspective, of course - reviews out on the Interwebs this week about something called Windows Mobile 6.5. The Macalope remembers - as I had not - that Windows Mobile 7 was supposed to completely pwn the iPhone when it was to be released this year. Instead, we got this "placeholder" release, and one could conclude (though I don't) that Windows Mobile is "doomed to failure."

    The Windows Mobile design team acknowledge themselves that the interface was designed in a rushed fashion and is not as complete as they would have liked. The App Store competitor, Windows Marketplace for Mobile, has all of 600 apps on it at this writing, with some apps free and some costing an inexplicable $19.99.

    John Herman at Gizmodo calls the new interface "half-assed, to put it kindly," saying "there's no excuse for this." The stopgap release is even more inexplicable in light of the news that Microsoft is slating the full release of Windows Mobile 7 for about six months from now. It's hard to see what they gain from having a half-done system out there.

    Underestimating Microsoft is a fool's game. They may not be quick or nimble, they tend to over-promise and under-deliver... but they learn from their mistakes and they are - above all - massive. What Microsoft does will have large and dramatic effects on the industry as a whole.
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