• Apple Brings 'Clean Energy Programs' to China

    The announcement largely flew under the radar but Apple on Thursday announced two new programs designed to reduce the carbon footprint of its manufacturing partners in China.

    China has become a critically important geo hot spot for Apple as not only a huge manufacturing base but, increasingly, a massive market for consumers who can't get enough of Apple's various mobile products.

    Nonetheless, facing a constant barrage of global pressure to be as clean and green as possible, Apple is rolling out the new programs, which will purportedly reduce more than 20 million metric tons of greenhouse gas pollution in China through 2020.

    What does that mean exactly? That's the equivalent, Apple says, to taking close to 4 million passenger vehicles off the road for one year.

    “Climate change is one of the great challenges of our time, and the time for action is now,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, in a news release Thursday explaining the new initiatives. “The transition to a new green economy requires innovation, ambition and purpose. We believe passionately in leaving the world better than we found it and hope that many other suppliers, partners and other companies join us in this important effort.”

    For more details on the plan and to review Apple's full announcement, click here.

    Source: Apple
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    1. StuG III's Avatar
      StuG III -
      A good amount of companies are already doing this in China, believe it or not. Good for them.
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