• 10.6.2 Breaks Hackintosh Atom Netbooks: Reports

    If you have a netbook with Intelís Atom processor that's running Snow Leopard, you may want to be careful about loading the coming 10.6.2 update. Users with access to the latest developer build of the maintenance release have noted changes that disable support for Atom processors, the Intel chip widely used in netbooks.

    OS X Daily passes on the recommendations of Stellarola, who worked on Wired Gadget Labs' own inhouse hackintosh:
    In the current developer build of 10.6.2, Apple appears to have changed around a lot of CPU related information. One of the effects of this is Apple killing off Intelís Atom chip.
    Among other things, Sleepenabler.KEXT is now ineffective and will need a new version. It is now suggested to run CPUPM with a proper DSDT.
    Though Apple has long engaged in a hack-and-mouse game with users who load the proprietary operating system on third-party hardware, some observers see the latest salvo in the war as a direct shot at competitors with low-cost netbooks. Others have suggested it may be yet another sign of the imminent Apple tablet's arrival. The device has long been rumored to have a price point much higher than low-end netbooks, and so, the thinking goes, Apple may be warding off competition in the ultraportable market.

    Stellarola also notes that similar restrictions in Leopard 10.5.9 may disable the Atom, and so advises any pre-Snow Leopard hackintoshed Atom netbooks to stick with 10.5.8.

    image via Wired Gadget Lab
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