• Apple Getting Busy on Mac OS X 10.7 to Combat Win7

    Apple isn't letting any grass grow beneath them in terms of future operating system upgrades.

    While most of us are still acclimating to Snow Leopard, Mac Rumors is reporting information today that could soon have us preparing to familiarize ourselves with yet another new version OS X.

    Evidence has surfaced that Apple is already working on the next version of OS X, presumably to be designated Mac OS X 10.7. The information comes from an entry posted earlier today in a database of changes to the open source "launched" framework, which oversees booting of Mac OS X and administers processes running on the system.
    The "smoking-gun" giveaway is the error message discovered in the entry. The text string reads "11A47," which, of course, is a reference to the Mac OS X build number being used. Apple should have known someone would eventually catch on, as the company has a bad habit of using a numerical prefix indicating the major release version, followed by a letter code indicating the minor release version and a numerical suffix indicating iterations of that version throughout its development.

    Particularly exciting to some, the '47' suffix indicates that Apple is up to something, though there is no way of telling how long it will be until the upcoming OS refresh will be formally unveiled. But when it does finally arrive, grand expectations await - particularly since the last OS upgrade didn't pack a big enough "wow" factor for a lot of Apple fans.

    While 10.6 incorporated many "under the hood" changes, however, some have speculated that we may see more radical end-user changes in 10.7.
    Thanks to the arrival of Windows 7, Apple has to stretch beyond basic security and stability issues with their next operating system. Being "radical" on the user interface could prove the company's only effective way to stand out and differentiate from the competition.

    Image via Softpedia
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