• Apple and Samsung Continue to Lead Worldwide Smartphone Market

    A new report from research firm IDC reveals that Apple and Samsung are still in the lead when it comes to the worldwide smartphone market. However, it was noted that Chinese smartphone company Huawei had a 60.9% market share growth in the past year. This increase is definitely impressive, we’d say this really adds pressure to other industry giants.

    The report noted that Samsung is still the number one smartphone company with approximately 84.5 million devices shipped in the third quarter, which earned them a 23.8% market share. Last year in the same quarter, Samsung had a 23.9% market share and shipped 79.6 million smartphones.

    Apple came in second place, shipping 48 million devices in the third quarter, which earned them a 13.5% market share. Last year during the same quarter, the Cupertino-based company shipped 39.3 million smartphones and had a11.8% market share. The increase for Apple had a lot to do with their recently released iPhone 6s and 6s Plus sales. Apple’s newest flagship device sold a record breaking 13 million devices launch weekend, it is no wonder why Apple’s market share increased this year.

    As for Chinese company Huawei, the gap they had with Apple and Samsung closed quite a bit due to the 60.9% market share growth this past year. They shipped 26.5 million devices in the third quarter, earning them a 7.5% market share. Lenovo came in fourth place with a 5.3% market share and shipping 18.8 million smartphones, meanwhile Xiaomi came in fifth place shipping 18.3 million devices and earning a 5.2% market share.

    Source: IDC
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      Lawrence Coleman -
      Both are the leading companies in the worlds good news for the users of both brand users..
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      flash66 -
      I had much drink too much I did night last.
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