• Do Minor iMac Faults Warrant a Reporting Website?

    Many recent buyers of the latest iMac have reported being shipped computers that suffer from any number of problems. For example, some machines simply don't work. Others have cracked screens. Others just act sort of "funky."

    As a result of the problems reported thus far, a web designer from Nova Scotia created imac.squeaked.com, a website aiming to gauge just how commonplace such reported problems really are.

    What have we learned so far? Not much. But the site is hungry for any and all info it can gobble up about iMac malfunctions and shipping catastrophes.

    The homepage of the site reads:

    Some people ordering new Apple iMacs (fall 2009) have been experiencing issues such as cracked glass, flickering displays, noisy components, drive failures, etc. This site is an attempt to record and see how widespread these problems are and if there are any similarities (such as build date, shipping, etc.).
    Although a few hundred problems (mostly minimal) have already been reported, the awareness of the issues afforded by the new website seemingly exaggerates both the magnitude and prevelence of the known issues, which, according to 9to5Mac, include 173 models that arrived with flickering displays, 51 with cracked displays and 11 which wouldn’t boot. The bulk of problems reported emerged from Quad-core i7 iMacs with a 27-inch display.

    If you recently purchased a new iMac please add your info (good experiences and bad). You can also browse the data collected so far.
    Is a website dedicated to so few known issues really worth it? After all, any recent buyers who have reported problems are now saying that Apple has already replaced their machine under warranty, although not "fast enough" for some. Nonetheless, imac.squeaked.com is out there and continues to encourage people to log their reported problems.

    When you consider the shear bulk of machines purchased and shipped globally, the statistics found on imac.squeaked.com are, to put it mildly, underwhelming. But if you give people a reason and a forum to complain, I guess you've got yourself a "purposeful" website.

    Image via Apple
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