• Apple Asks the Supreme Court to Overturn the Previous E-Books Antitrust Decision

    The Cupertino California company recently asked the US Supreme Court to overturn a lower appeals court ruling from June, one which upheld a judgment that Apple violated antitrust laws back in its 2010 e-book dealings with publishers. Apple claimed that backing the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals would “chill innovation and risktaking,” even going as far as harming the “competition and the national economy.” The company went on to suggest that the 2nd circuit broke with precedent set by the Supreme Court.

    There was previously speculation pointing towards Apple aiming to take the case to the highest levels back in September. The company filed for a 30-day extension on the deadline to submit a Supreme Court challenge at that time.

    For those of you who didn’t know, in July 2013, US District Judge Denise Cote ended up taking the Department of Justice’s side when it came to finding that Apple conspired with publishers to artificially inflate e-book prices based on evidence from emails form Steve Jobs. Although Amazon’s standard $10 prices were the main target, Apple’s tactics ended up forcing standard prices up by several dollars across the industry which sparked an investigation in the first place.

    If the Supreme Court does support the 2nd Circuit, Apple will end up owing $450 million to states and consumers as part of the settlement agreement which was made last year. On the bright side, Apple did manage to free itself from Michael Bromwich, the previously appointed court antitrust monitor which butt heads with the company several times.

    We’ll have to wait to see what decision is made.

    Source: Reuters
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