• "Apple Tablet" Video Surfaces

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHRSDWZC_m4]YouTube - IS THIS THE APPLE MACTABLET AKA TABLETMAC ?![/ame]

    An interesting, fairly sophisticated, almost certainly fake video of a tablet-like device is making the rounds this weekend. Highlighted by the French site Nowhereelse.fr, the video shows a thin tablet that looks like nothing so much as a large iPod touch. No source is given for the video.

    The purported Apple tablet is shown running software that resembles the iPhone OS, with familiar screen elements like icons and a Cover Flow-like display. As the video demonstrates the user accessing a website, shopping for furniture, accelerometer movements are used to navigate through the content. The demo is pretty slick, and provides a convincing use case of a device that matches, in most particulars, the Apple tablet that has been described in the various leaks, rumors, and wild guesses over recent months.

    Whoever made this video, it's most likely not an example of actually functional hardware. The display seems to be pretty clearly motion-tracked: notice at the beginning of the video how the screen display doesn't keep up with the movements of the "tablet."

    All of this raises the question of who would go to all the trouble of making such a video. If Apple didn't pay for it, encourage it, or have a hand in it in some way, they sure are getting a lot of pre-release publicity for the device for free.
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