• Problems Force Apple To Delay 27-inch iMac Orders

    In recent weeks, many Mac users who ordered their new machine online revealed a variety of problems following delivery. Issues ranged from cracked glass and flickering displays to noisy components and drive failures.

    Earlier this month on ModMyi, I covered the launch of a new website from a Nova Scotia web designer who was aiming to gauge just how commonplace reported problems with the new 27-inch iMac really are. imac.squeaked.com, however, was viewed by many as a joke and an unnecessary website to track such "minimal" problems.

    Apparently, the problems are no longer minimal. As a result, Apple is immediately halting shipping of the new 27-inch iMacs until it can sift through and repair the many problems that seem to be growing by leaps and bounds. For now, it appears that all shipments will be pushed back at least two weeks.

    According to ComputerWorld:

    A thread on Apple's support forum dedicated to the flickering screen problem boasts nearly 1,200 separate messages and has a view count of over 173,000, making it easily the most-read of those on the iMac forum.
    Of the known, legitimate issues reported, the greatest concern to Apple appears to lie in the graphics cards. And it now seems that repairing problems associated with the graphics cards will be priority #1 for Cupertino. It will also be a blast from the past for Apple, which has had no shortage of problems with graphics cards in the past.

    If the problem is, in fact, traced back to the ATI graphics cards, it won't be the first time that AMD's hardware has been blamed for iMac troubles. More than two years ago, Apple began investigating screen lockup problems with the then-new iMac line that sported ATI graphics cards. Several weeks later, Apple issued a firmware update that seemed to solve the problem for most users.
    For now on the Apple website, shipping status on its online store for both 27-innch iMac models has been changed from "Ships 7-10 days" to "Ships: 2 weeks."

    Image via Apple
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