• Time Warner Cable Preparing a Trial Service in NYC for Internet-Only Subscribers

    Time Warner Cable appears to be preparing to trial a service that will allow users to access its TV packages without the need for a set-top-box and purely through having Internet with the company. The company seems to be taking sign-ups for the trial based on its Roku app. According to the folks over at Engadget, the VP for Programming and Content, Alix Cottrell, said that the test is limited to New York City at first to make sure the service is “really easy and straightforward” before it expands to other areas.

    The people who are accepted into the trial are set to receive a Roku 3 set-top box and will be able to pick live channels similarly to how TV customers can, with up to a 300 maximum, or alternatively a “skinny” bundle (if one chooses to select a skinny bundle instead). Some of the programs should have video-on-demand access through a service called StartOver, but at the start of the service, there won’t be any DVR functions, movie rentals or pay-per-view options.

    Even though the service is tied to the Roku set-top box, trial participants should be able to use their logins with other TWC TV app platforms, with iOS being one of them. Cottrell noted that the company is working on apps for more platforms still, with the recently released fourth-gen Apple TV being one of them.

    Prices are set to be announced when the trial launches with the current target date for the service being November 9th. We’ll have to see how the service turns out and what Time Warner Cable does next in an effort to stay competitive.

    Source: Time Warner Cable via Engadget
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