• iTunes Movie Bundles Rolled Out By Apple

    Apple has officially introduced iTunes "Movie Bundles" - the digital equivalent of a discount DVD pack from your local retailer that coalesces some of your favorite movies and film stars at a bargain price.

    "Great movies, great themes, great prices," the new page reads. "We've grouped top-flight titles together -- from blockbusters and popular favorites to gems featuring incomparable stars. Browse these cohesive collections and check back soon for new bundles at a special price."
    The marketing endeavor and associated discounts are obviously geared toward consumers reluctant to cough up for digital movies when the majority of die-hard flick fans still enjoy the feel of a physical DVD. Nonetheless, Apple is hoping to convert some of those DVD-loving movie fans with an array of new offers courtesy of "Movie Bundles."

    According to Apple Insider, the new "Movie Bundles" page has a number of $9.99 double features, $14.99 double and triple features, and $19.99 double and triple features.

    Some bundles also provide an HD option with even greater savings. The "Jason Statham Action Pack" offers the films "Crank 2: High Voltage," "Transporter 3," and "The Bank Job" for $24.99 in standard-def (saving $5), or $34.99 in HD (saving $25 over the regular purchase price).
    Although there has been talk of iTunes offering bulk packaging on feature film downloads for some time, the new offering seems somewhat sloppily or brainlessly put together. Not particularly original, the first two Godfather films, for example, feature prominently in the new "Movie Bundles" category.

    Sadly, it appears Apple is also trying to drive sales of less popular film titles and, some would say, box office bombs that may only now sell by virtue of being paired with more well known flicks and blockbusters.

    Apple took a similar approach with music over the summer when it introduced the D45 section. As a throwback to the old days of the two-song 45rpm vinyl record, digital 45s feature discounted prices on two-packs of digital song downloads.
    Image via Apple
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