• Google Announces Offline Maps and Navigation Coming Soon to the iOS Google Maps App

    On Tuesday, Google announced that it was bringing offline downloadable maps to the Android platform, as well as the ability to perform navigation even while offline on Android devices, but the feature will soon be coming to iOS as well.

    The feature essentially allows the user to download a portion of a map using Google Maps, and then when the map is downloaded on the user's device, it won't have to connect to the Internet again in order to navigate from point A to point B so long as it's within the region downloaded.

    Maps downloading only works on Wi-Fi connections to avoid huge data fees, but that should be fine for anyone that is capable of planning ahead before a big trip. For those with unlimited data plans, it should be possible to spoof your device into thinking it's on Wi-Fi by using a personal hotspot from another device.

    This will work great for keeping your navigation going, even when you're using a Wi-Fi only device such as an iPod touch or iPad, or if you just happen to lose your Internet connection while you're using your iPhone. Even in those rare instances where you might have an older SIM-free iPhone that you use just for Wi-Fi connections, this feature will work well in those scenarios too, allowing you to keep your main iPhone charged up for when you need it.

    There is no ETA on when this will be coming to iOS just yet, but it's available for Android devices starting today.

    Source: Google
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