• iTunes Activation Server Down?

    All day yesterday I was trying to update my iPad (it's on 4.3.1 and 4.3.3 is current), and iTunes was telling me the activation server was down. I figured it'd fix itself and didn't post anything, but it seems the server is still experiencing issues.

    None of my devices with updates available (of the three, none are currently jailbroken, these are iPads used for business) are able to update currently - I get a new error today "this device is not eligible for this build." iTunes also on the iPad screen says "this device has an update available." I do not currently have a custom gs.apple.com host set.

    The activation server is down for everyone it seems - this has nothing to do with a jailbroken or not jailbroken state. This is bad because it means NO ONE can update their iDevice at all (or restore), since Apple requires a "yes" from their activation server before iTunes is allowed to restore the device. This can be avoided in the future if you have your SHSH blobs saved locally or on Cydia's server.

    Apple's gs.apple.com server handles requests from iTunes whenever a user attempts to update their firmware. This is why we save SHSH blobs in Cydia (by setting a custom host for gs.apple.com, you can essentially "trick" iTunes into asking Cydia's activation server if the user can update to a specific firmware rather than asking Apple). This is a great reminder to make sure you've opened Cydia on your device recently to save your SHSH blobs. You can also use TinyUmbrella to save them locally if you prefer (or in addition).

    A quick survey of multiple users in my open IRC boxes shows none of them could update their various devices either using Apple's default activation server. Are you guys able to do so?

    UPDATE: The server seems to have come back online shortly after this story was posted. I am now able to update the iPad, after roughly 24 hours of not being able to. This still raises questions about requiring a web connection and a valid working server to restore a device.
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