• New Report Claims Adele's New Album '25' May Not Be Offered on Spotify to Free Users

    Popular British singer and songwriter Adele recently released a new single titled ‘Hello’, and it achieved more than 27.7 million views on YouTube within 24 hours of release and broke the Vevo Record. Now, we are less than two weeks away from the singer’s new album ’25’ and The Verge is claiming that the highly anticipated album may not be offered on Spotify. This means that the popular streaming music company may lose a huge release yet again to competitors like Apple Music.

    The Verge reported that Adele is thinking of not partnering with Spotify unless her album is made available only to subscribers paying monthly or 20 million users out of the 75 million. Currently, Spotify is available as a monthly paid service or as a free ad-supported stream service but the library is the same between the two. It was noted that Spotify may be able to obtain rights to ‘25’ around November 20th if they agree with what Adele is apparently asking for.

    Although The Verge reported this, Spotify responded saying the ‘claims’ of Adele asking ‘25’ to be exclusive to just paid subscribers were "categorically untrue." So far, it is unclear whether Apple Music will have ‘25’ the day it gets released, in the coming weeks or if the company will have it at all. But seeing how all Apple Music users have to pay monthly, we don’t see why the new album wouldn’t be on Apple Music.

    For those who definitely want to preorder the album however, can do so on iTunes as it is available to purchase there. The Verge also reported that Apple reached out to Adele asking for an exclusive deal with just Apple Music, but apparently the singer/songwriter rejected the offer. What do you think will happen? Share your thoughts with us in the section below.

    Source: The Verge
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