• Apple's New iPad Pro Gets Benchmarked - The Results Are Impressive

    Yesterday, the iPad Pro became available for pre-order via Apple's Web site, although some retail locations actually began carrying the tablet in store yesterday allowing some people to get their iPad Pro a little earlier than others, such as iFixit, who ritualistically tore down the new gargantuan Apple-branded tablet to reveal what it had inside.

    As you might expect, many who received the new iPad Pro were amazed by how fast it was. Apple has packed in a new A9X dual-core chip with an all-new Apple-branded chip architecture, and 4GB of RAM the most RAM ever packed in an iOS device. Ars Technica has some realistic benchmark scores showing the single core, multi-core, and even graphics performance of the new iPad Pro:

    What we see from these benchmarks is that the iPad Pro is the fastest iOS device ever made, but that's not much of a surprise considering the hardware that it has within. It's a significant upgrade from the iPad Air 2, and it also blows the iPhone 6s out of the water. Even older iOS devices are left in the dust. The single core scores are the most dramatic, but when you start looking at the multi-core scores, that's when things seem a little more marginal, but still impressive nonetheless.

    In terms of graphics, the iPad Pro blows the mid-2015 15-inch MacBook Pro with retina display with integrated Intel Iris graphics out of the water, although unfortunately, the one with the AMD Radeon R9 graphics is not listed, so there isn't much of a comparison to real graphics power instead of the simple integrated graphics, which are known not to be that robust:

    Nonetheless, the iPad Pro is still just a mobile device, so when looking at these statistics from a liberal point of view, they are stunningly impressive. This tablet will be more than capable of running multiple applications side-by-side, gaming, and doing some serious video editing (where it's not limited by software).

    Source: Ars Technica
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    1. yohu123's Avatar
      yohu123 -
      Why isn't the Surface Pro 4 and/or the 15" mid 2015 MBP included in the single and multi core geek bench tests? This is because comparing the graphics power alone, the iPad pro should be able to run the full Mac OS X like butter. The only reason I think Apple didn't do that out of the box is to prevent cannibalization of MacBook air sales. But considering how bad iPad sales were already doing, the iPad pro is gonna further cannibalise iPad Air sales. Also already ppl might be thinking to purchase the iPad pro instead of the MacBook air for ease of portability and usage. So Apple has to replace the Lightning port on the iPad pro with a USB-C port and start shipping it with full blown Mac OS X. What do u guys think the iPad pro is gonna be placed in the hardware lineup of Apple in 2yrs?
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