• Apple's Major Product Announcement January 26th (update)

    Yesterday on Modmyi we covered hints about a January release of an Apple tablet. Today we are gathering even more intriguing details.

    This could be the moment of truth for Apple as the mythical tablet device may finally be introduced to a rabid consumer base longing for such a product. This holiday weekend, people are buzzing and ramping up wild speculation about the possibility of the tablet being unveiled on January 26th.

    According to the latest news emanating from Cupertino, Apple will hold a media event in San Francisco on January 26th to make what is being called a "major product announcement." PC World is reporting that Apple may reveal the tablet at the Yerba Buena Arts Center, the very location where Steve Jobs took the stage for Apple's last major media event in September.

    There are other rumors to back up this story. Business Insider reports that Apple will demonstrate the tablet in January. Business Insider also says that Apple has told select developers to get ready, saying their apps will run fine if they've been designed for full-screen resolution. The New York Times reports, via an unnamed senior Apple employee, that Steve Jobs is "extremely happy" with the device. No one's saying the device will launch next month -- March seems more likely -- but it'll be the first time Apple actually comes clean with its plans.
    Indeed, that's a lot of information to chew on. But this report marks the first occasion where we now have some concrete evidence to base our speculation of a forthcoming tablet upon. As it stands, we can point to a major media event, clues from Apple about a huge product release, and an assortment of sources claiming that Steve Jobs is finally happy with the prototype tablet - something we have not heard before.

    So will January 26th be D-Day for the Apple tablet? I'm banking on it. But while a tablet may finally come down the pike, no one knows for sure how the device will look and function, let alone what it will cost. If anything can rival the number of rumors circulated about when an Apple tablet would launch, it's the number of theories presented about the specs of the yet-to-be released device.

    For some perspective on how ridiculous the rumor mill has become, think of all the Apple tablet coverage you've read over the past half year, then try to tell someone at your next holiday dinner party what the device will be. You really can't: reports about the device's capabilities and design have been all over the map.
    Image via PC World
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