• Steve Jobs Paid $1 Salary in 2009

    If Steve Jobs is a man who puts his money where his mouth is, his mouth isn't very full these days.

    The Apple CEO has once again accepted his usual $1 annual salary from Apple in 2009. But, as reported by the Associated Press, Apple was able to hold its ground through the massive recession and, consequently, Steve Jobs regained much of the "pre-meltdown" level of value of his personal holdings in the company.

    Jobs does not get a bonus or reimbursement for perks many other CEOs accept, such as personal security, according to a regulatory filing made Wednesday. Apple said it reimbursed Jobs $4,000 for company travel on his $90 million Gulfstream V jet, which he received as a bonus in 1999.
    In 2008, Jobs was reimbursed $871,000. This year, however, Jobs took an extended leave of absence for six months, during which he received a liver transplant. Jobs has continued to work on a part-time basis in Cupertino since June.

    But, in case you're worried about Mr. Jobs, there's no reason to take up a collection for the Apple CEO any time soon. Jobs continues to hold 5.5 million shares of Apple's stock. He is also the largest individual shareholder of Disney, with a whopping 7.4 percent stake, valued at approximately $4.5 billion.

    At an annual meeting scheduled for Feb. 25, Apple shareholders will for the first time have a chance to cast an advisory vote on the company's executive compensation plans.
    If Apple is poised to have the year 2010 could ultimately prove to be, Steve Jobs along with everyone else holding shares of Apple could make out like a bandit. Between reports of a new tablet device being unveiled next month, to the iPhone likely adopting a 5 megapixel camera next summer, Apple's potential for sales growth is arguably unprecedented.

    And if Apple's exclusive deal with AT&T is modified to extend iPhone coverage through Verizon, Apple will likely once again experience record sales.

    Image via Wired
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