• Apple Seeking Applications Engineer, Perhaps to Tackle iWork?

    With the posting of a single job opening at Apple, the rumor mill has begin spinning at full capacity amidst speculation that Apple could be toying with the idea of expanding iWork into a full web app. The job listing, which was just published, actively seeks a skilled programmer who is proficient with the following:

    JavaScript language and browser technology - understanding from inside-out, or
    Computer graphics - the mathematics, algorithms and programming, or
    Experience developing scalable rich internet application, or
    Experience developing presentation/collaboration or word processing projects
    Although job postings at Apple are ordinarily nothing to get overtly excited about, the language used to describe the position opening can often be used to decipher Apple's plan for the individual who will fill the role. That individual, theoretically, could then embark on a new and potentially exciting project that our impatience prohibits us from learning of in due time. The inference about the possible big plans for iWork comes from the opening passage in the job posting, which states:

    The Productivity team (i.e. iWork) is seeking an energetic, highly motivated software engineer in building a scalable rich internet application. The person will be part of the core development team and engage in an area from design to development of the software system.
    Of course, no one knows for certain what Apple plans to do with whomever fills the seat in Cupertino. Logically, however, it would appear both practical and popular to take iWork.com's present offerings to the next level. For now, iWork.com, which launched a year ago, exists primarily as a "collaboration tool" but falls short of the efficient functionalities offered by other web-based applications, the most popular of which would likely be Google Docs.

    Many have scratched their heads about Apple's ultimate vision for iWork, an endeavor that not only seems poised for better things but also underutilized primarily due to the fact that it remains so grossly under-developed when compared to competing web-based applications.

    So if you fit the description of the candidate Apple is looking for and you can boast 2+ years of experience, perhaps Cupertino needs to hear from you

    Image via Creative Cow
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