• US FAA Task Force Recommends Registering Pilots As Opposed to Individual Drones

    A new set of recommendations for registering unmanned drones has been issued by a US Federal Aviation Administration taskforce. Drones between 250 grams and 55 pounds would require the pilots to register their names and addresses instead of each individual drone. Information such as email addresses, phone numbers and serial numbers is currently set to be purely optional. Those who choose not to submit serial numbers though would have to mark their registration numbers somewhere on their devices that can be accessed without tools though.

    Other proposed rules include an age limit, requiring owners to have to be at least 13 years old with the option of a parent or guardian registering on behalf of younger individuals. Another critical suggestion was that registration be free and handled via the Web with others getting a digital certificate unless they specifically ask for a paper copy. There was no word of a flight test or training, though users may be required to sign off on some safety and flying education.

    Despite all of the new proposed requirements, the report did end up being a bit vaguer when it came to penalties for unregistered drones, though the task force suggested they be “clear and proportionate,” avoiding the potentially severe punishments that would be associated with a full-sized aircraft.

    For those of you who didn’t know, drones are currently flown not only by the military but a number of other groups that range from hobbyists and filmmakers to rescue teams. Rumors of tech giants such as Amazon are also said to be afloat with the ecommerce giant reportedly toying with the idea of using drones for small deliveries.

    One of the large concerns surrounding this issue is that without regulation, serious issues could arise with situations such as crashes, security and privacy concerns and noise pollution.

    We’ll have to wait and see what if the proposed guidelines are accepted and if not, what is suggested to replace them.

    Source: FAA via AppleInsider
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