• Apple Bringing OLED Displays to iPhone by 2018

    Nikkei Asian Review is reporting that big display changes could be inbound for Apple's iPhone in 2018.

    If the latest chatter is steeped in reality, Apple will introduce organic light-emitting diode displays for iPhones well before the end of this decade.

    This expected reality, the far east media outlet reports, is "sending suppliers racing to fine-tune the technology and invest in capacity expansion."

    Among those "racing" is South Korea's LG Display, which has purportedly already started preparing for the workload ahead. And that's a mighty task for all parties involved, especially once you consider that Apple ships 200 million iPhones every year.

    "South Korea's Samsung Electronics is currently the only company that can reliably mass-produce OLED smartphone screens," the report notes. "LG Display has a track record for producing OLEDs for television screens. Given this, the two companies will likely supply a large portion of Apple's displays."

    For more than five years, Samsung has been using OLEDs. And every year ahead of a new iPhone launch, there's at least one cycle of rumors indicating that Apple is poised to make the switch to OLEDs as well. But they might finally be poised to do so in 2018.

    Source: Nikkei Asian Review
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    1. rickuk's Avatar
      rickuk -
      2 years from now, and no doubt they will still be selling a 16GB version

      Other manufactures already have the displays and Apple call themselves an innovating company.....
    1. Ibkoool's Avatar
      Ibkoool -
      That is an insult to its customers. Apple is supposed to be an industry leader, why are they playing catchup to the competition?
    1. asma123's Avatar
      asma123 -
      Not sure what the big buzz is all about. Personally I'm against the amoleds.
      Don't get me wrong, the display is beautiful more crisp and vivid compared to the lcds. To me the pros of the amoleds are not worth it as the current lcd is quite crisp.
      The main issue is the cost of these displays.
      They're a lot more expensive and the biggest disadvantage is that they're extremely thin and fragile. They literally can crack in your pocket as they're very thin. Also the biggest problem is that *if* they crack then the display does not light up at all. You can't see anything. Huge disavantage
    1. Lawrence Coleman's Avatar
      Lawrence Coleman -
      2018... Apple will be 3 years behind... they use to be in front, now they rely on other companies old tech and sell to us as new and "invented by them". 2018 is a fair time away and other displays will be on the market such as Nano Dot Technology.
    1. Quade321's Avatar
      Quade321 -
      Quote Originally Posted by asma123 View Post
      The biggest disadvantage is that they're extremely thin and fragile. They literally can crack in your pocket as they're very thin.
      That's not even close to true. I've had 3 AMOLED phones and none of them have cracked. I even stress tested one by punching it and it didn't crack. That's why you put this stuff called glass in front of it. It is true that they don't work at all if they crack though. Which is a big disadvantage but not really if you aren't clumsy. And all the other things you listed can be solved in time. Of course no one used high quality LCDs in the 90's. They were expensive. That's not a problem now because prices drop over time.

      And personally, to me, the power savings and display quality are well worth it. It blows away any LCD I've seen in a phone.
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