• The Apple Tablet Will Be Called the "iGuide"... Maybe.... OK, Maybe Not.

    I don't know about you but the name game for Apple's forthcoming tablet couldn't be any more interesting... or frustrating.

    The big news today is the mounting evidence of Apple's sneaky establishment of various "shell companies" used to secure trademarks, domain names, and other digital properties that may ultimately be linked to the upcoming Apple tablet which many believe will be unveiled late next month.

    iGuide Media, LLC is believed to be affiliated with Apple, at least according to multiple published reports, including one today courtsy of the Washington Post/Tech Crunch:

    MacRumors bases its report on the filing for a US trademark for 'IGUIDE' by another Delaware-registered company called iGuide Media LLC, which can be linked to Cupertino by means of signatures on the documents coming from Apple's Senior Trademark Specialist, Regina Porter.
    The possible title of "iGuide" for the Apple tablet doesn't sit well with many (including myself) who would prefer something a little snappier or, at the very least, Apple-esque. "iGuide" simply doesn't do it, which is probably why all reports of Apple considering it for the name of their tablet device are erroneous. Nonetheless, the rumors persist.

    There's no indication that Apple owns any domain name that contains the term 'iguide'. The identity if iguide.com is shielded from public WHOIS records, but not by Mark Monitor, the brand protection firm Apple usually works with. The domain name iguide.net belongs to a company called iGuide Media.
    Earlier this month it was reported that Apple has owned iSlate.com since 2007. As a result of the news, some are logically wondering if the tablet will bear that particular moniker. Others maintain that "magic slate" is a more likely title for the device. Although little evidence exists in support of the theory that Apple will call its tablet an "iPad," this moniker sits better with most Apple fans than the "iGuide" does.

    Although less than a month remains from Apple's probable release of the tablet, the rumor mill and the name game won't end until Steve Jobs personally speaks the device's name. Until then, it's a safe bet that no one knows for sure what the tablet will be called - perhaps not even the folks at Apple who may be using discussions (such as these) to evaluate the best name possible for the tablet.

    Image via Bad Wolf Designs
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