• Apple to Miss Windows 7 Support Deadline

    With only hours remaining in 2009, Apple appears poised to miss a deadline it imposed on itself to roll out official support for Windows 7 with Boot Camp, Apple's partitioning and bootloader utility. The computer manufacturer had promised, in a Knowledge Base article released the same day as the Windows 7 launch, that the operating system would be supported by the end of the year.

    Prior to the official launch of Windows 7 on October 22, 2009, the software giant had been releasing early builds to developers for as much as a year, and a public beta had been available since February 2009. Many users found that Windows 7 ran well under Boot Camp, but so far Apple has not finished work on a patch to the utility, and has not indicated when - or whether - it will be forthcoming

    In the same knowledge base article in which Apple commited to an update to Boot Camp by today, Apple also specified nine iMac, MacBook Pro and Mac Pro models that they would flat not support for use with Windows 7. Apple did not explain why those particular models would not be able to run Windows 7, but speculation surrounded the possibility of driver incompatibility with some peripherals on those computers.

    image via e|news
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