• Amazon Instant Video App For tvOS Could Be Released 'Within a Few Weeks'

    When Apple launched their fourth generation Apple TV in October, Amazon Instant Video was notably absent from the new tvOS App Store. Although the popular e-commerce giant has been quiet about this, a support team representative revealed that the service may launch on the Apple device in the upcoming weeks. It was noted that Amazon’s technical team may already be working on the development of the tvOS offering.

    Dan Bostonweeks, an iOS developer, reached out to Amazon about the tvOS Instant Video app and received a surprising response from the unnamed Amazon employee:

    As we have already succeeded in developing an app for iPhone and iPad, we hope to make an app separately for the Apple TV. Hopefully, within a few weeks span, you will be able to see the Amazon Instant Video app feature on your Apple TV.
    Just recently Amazon decided to take off all Apple TVs and its accessories from the marketplace, but we don’t think it had anything to do with Apple personally. But many consumers were upset that the third party streaming device was taken off Amazon. Although a tvOS version of Amazon Instant Video might currently be in development, no estimated timeframe of when it would be released was given. We guess we will just have to wait and see when they decide to release it, but definitely be on the lookout in the ‘upcoming weeks.’

    Source: Dan Bostonweeks via Twitter
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    1. fleurya's Avatar
      fleurya -
      Hey ModMyi. when are you going to make every single word in your story a green pop-up ad??? Getting pretty close now!

      Tim should tell them to take their app and kick rocks until they allow the Apple TV to be sold on Amazon.
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