• Consumer Reports Survey Reveals Customers Think Apple's Laptops Are the Most Reliable

    Out of all of the different brands of laptops out there, Apple-branded laptops are some of the most expensive even in the lowest-end and stock forms, averaging well over $1000 and going up from there for other configurations.

    Many customers opt for cheaper machines from competing companies like Dell, HP, Acer or Asus, but which laptops are the most reliable and are customers the most happy with? According to a recent poll performed by Consumer Reports, Apple is number one.

    The survey was submitted to 58,000 subscribers who purchased some kind of laptop between 2010 and 2015, and it found that the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro have the lowest failure rates of any personal laptops out there with 7% and 9% respectively. Keep in mind – this information is off of a customer-based poll, and not paid for by Apple.

    Apple's MacBook Air has just a 7 percent estimated failure rate, while the MacBook Pro is almost as dependable with a 9 percent failure rate.

    At the top of the list for Windows product lines are: Gateway’s NV (13 percent) and LT (14 percent); the Samsung ATIV Book (14 percent); Lenovo ThinkPads (15 percent); and the Dell XPS line (15 percent).

    Reliability isn't necessarily related to how much money you spend on a laptop. HP’s premium ENVY line is near the bottom, with a 20 percent failure rate, while the company's less-costly Pavilion line fares better, at 16 percent.
    Other machines, like those from Gateway, Samsung, and Lenovo are also relatively high on the list, starting at a 14% failure rate and getting worse from there, but still aren't bad numbers considering how much more cost-efficient they are to the consumer than Apple's laptops are.

    What kind of laptop do you rock, and how reliable would you say it is? Share in the comments below!

    Source: Consumer Reports
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    1. jigar7's Avatar
      jigar7 -
      Brought the mid 2015 MBP top end recently. Had a 2009 MBP so an upgrade was long overdue. I was hoping the 2015 MBP would have skylake or atleast 9xx series nVidia card. Didn't have a choice since my old laptop died and had to get this one. It's a beautiful piece of hardware, but what is most disappointing is that for the price, the specs are quite outdated, something that Apple has been doing since a very long time with their MBP lineup. The AMD card is not at par with the current gen mobile GPUs, at the most it can match the 2013 7xx nVidia series which was a big disappointment given the price point of the MBP. Mavericks was a mess, Yosemite is quite stable, El Capitan had scaling issues. It seems Apple is getting worse every year and innovation seems to be a thing of the past with Apple.
      Force touch tech is interesting, but just that wasn't worth the upgrade. Wouldn't have upgraded if it wasnt for my dying MBP. I'm quite sure the next refresh too will have 1-2 year old GPUs *sigh*
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