• Looking Beyond Apple's (Supposedly) Forthcoming Tablet

    2010 has just begun and already industry analysts are calling it the year of the Apple tablet - exact name and device still pending. And while few are taking the time to notice, we may be spending so much time thinking and dreaming about the still-mythical tablet device that we've failed to truly consider what else Apple has in store of our pleasure - and modification purposes - this year.

    Okay, okay. We all know Apple had a great 2009. But like most Apple fanatics, I am less interested in the value of Apple stock, what Steve Jobs earned, and what company is suing Apple. For 2010, most of us hope it will be a year all about the gadgets. And from the looks of it - assuming, of course, we can get past the tablet - the next twelve months could bring with them a host of enthralling new developments, upgrades, and opportunities.

    4th Generation iPhone

    The 4th generation iPhone is likely set to debut this summer at WWDC 2010. Although we have few details about what the device will offer, look for big changes. Perhaps the 4th generation iPhone will offer a front-facing camera for video calls, a 5 megapixel camera, a 1GHz processor, LTE and a higher resolution display, etc. The 4th gen iPhone needs a big boost and Apple is surely preparing to serve up one.

    The iPhone Comes To New Carriers

    It's just gotta happen. AT&T is now officially restricting the expansion of Apple's customer base. There's no telling how many Verizon subscribers will line up at their closest Apple Store to buy an iPhone if and when Apple finally moves away from an exclusive deal with AT&T. Although this sounds like a prediction, it isn't. Most will tell you it's an unspoken reality destined for 2010.

    A Refurbished iPod Touch

    The iPod Touch seems primed and ready to receive an upgrade this year - most likely with a camera. From eWeek last September:

    A camera-equipped iPod would be a game-changer in the digital-video recorder category, possibly endangering product lines such as the Flip Video device, whose parent company Pure Digital Technologies was acquired by Cisco Systems on March 19 for $590 million in stock and $15 million in retention-based equity incentives.
    Although an iPhone-style camera hasn't yet arrived for the iPod Touch, the next upgrade seems bound to include one. The "game-changer" could come in 2010.

    Too Much Stuff To Mention

    From Apple finally waking up to the frustrations of developers and Cupertino's apparent newfound focus on the expansion of Apple stores, iTunes, and everything digital media, there are simply too many obvious aspirations on the part of Apple to think that 2010 will simply be defined by a tablet device. Indeed, there will be many chapters to Apple's story in 2010. The tablet is just the first page.

    Image via TechnoBlog
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