• Twitter Introduces a Simplified Login Option for the Fourth-Gen Apple TV via Digits

    Twitter recently introduced another simplified login option for the latest generation Apple TV. The company has done so by way of its Digits service which is now rolling out to tvOS developers. Instead of a password screen, Digits-enabled tvOS apps can offer an authentication code instead. Once users enter it at digits.com/appletv on a separate device, the authentication process will complete and any personalized settings will be auto-configured.

    According to Twitter, Digits support requires “just a few lines of code.”

    This new option helps to solve some large persistent issues: the tvOS doesn’t support universal, Web or oAuth logins coupled with the fact that the new Apple TV’s onscreen keyboard is extremely cumbersome to use with all of its characters arranged into a narrow line. This forces users to scroll back and forth constantly and as a result, it can take several minutes to enter a username and password. To make matters worse, Apple still hasn’t updated its iOS Remote app which would make typing easier. Facebook recently announced a nearly identical login platform for tvOS developers.

    Users who are looking to take advantage of Digits will be able to opt into Twitter’s Crashlytic service to monitor both crash data and user numbers.

    Have any of you experienced issues with the tediousness involved in logging in? Share your thoughts below!

    Source: Digits (Apple TV) (blog)
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    1. Clem-Clone's Avatar
      Clem-Clone -
      It would help tremendously if Apple would enable BT for their own BT keyboard or any other BT keyboard. Problem solved.
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