• 'Monument Valley' is Apple's iOS App of the Week This Week

    Apple has selected a new App of the Week for the iOS App Store this week as they do each and every week. This week's pick is a puzzle game dubbed Monument Valley, and replaces last week's pick of To-Fu Fury.

    Monument Valley is the Apple Game of the Year winner for 2014 and also won the Apple Design Award for 2014. In the game, you'll interact with various architecture puzzles to reveal hidden paths and walk from the beginning to the end of the puzzle.

    Monument Valley is iCloud-compatible, and it will sync your progress across all of your devices. If you want to grab Monument Valley while it's free, you can do so from this App Store link until next Thursday when Apple chooses a new App of the Week. Check it out!

    Source: App Store
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    1. Sage I's Avatar
      Sage I -
      Such a great game...
    1. rodnutz's Avatar
      rodnutz -
      I second that!
    1. vedavis's Avatar
      vedavis -
      More levels. I need more levels.
    1. buttamix's Avatar
      buttamix -
      Wow this game is most def top 3
    1. GoodJuJu's Avatar
      GoodJuJu -
      Beautiful game way too short [emoji106]🏼
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