• Apple Exploring Virtual Reality Market at the Right Time

    On the heels of recent reports that Apple has begun to turn its attention to the virtual reality market, even acquiring a company or two in this space along the way, we're gaining new insight this month as to why VR is of increasing importance to the iDevice maker.

    The latest estimation from global market research firm TrendForce indicates that the total value of virtual reality market — including hardware and software — is set to approach $6.7 billion next year.

    But by 2020, when Apple will likely be well-entrenched in the market, its value could be as high as $70 billion. If such projections ultimately pan out and Apple is among the earliest adopters of VR gaming platforms and related hardware, it could reap the benefits of VR like few others.

    “These explosive growth projections actually do not sufficiently reflect just how hot the virtual reality industry is right now,” says Jason Tsai, TrendForce wearable device analyst. “The figures do not include the value of non-commercial uses of virtual reality technology. For example, the industry is currently pushing the development of free software and do-it-yourself apps. While these projects do not immediately generate revenue for the developers, they have a vital role in the promotion market growth and innovations.”

    Source: TrendForce
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