• Pixelmator Launches Major Update for OS X App That Adds New Features and Fixes Bugs

    The Pixelmator Team has released an important update for its Pixelmator OS X application on Tuesday that fixes a ton of in-application bugs and improves the user experience, but also adds new features. The latest version of the application by way of the Mac App Store this afternoon is now version 3.4.1.

    All of the changes include the following:

    New features and improvements:

    • Use Paste and Match Style when pasting text into Pixelmator
    • Pan an image with the Hand Tool while using the Polygonal Lasso Tool
    • Gradients are now faster and work much better with large images
    • Resize images with nearest-neighbor scaling: hold down Option key (⌥) when clicking OK in the Image Size dialog
    • Improved compatibility with the latest Photoshop CC features
    • Improved zooming in the Pixelmator Distort Extension

    Fixes and stability improvements:

    • Autosave for images with all layers hidden now works properly
    • Midpoint values of gradients used as Fill in Layer Styles are saved correctly
    • It is now possible to edit a text layer gradient that has been added with drag and drop
    • Layers palette dims when disabled
    • Stroke effect thumbnail shows the effect preview
    • Add Effect to Favorites feature works as it should
    • Now you can exit the Quick Mask Mode while having an active selection
    • Select tools from the Tools palette while Transforming or Croping objects, as well as while preparing your image to Export for Web
    • The Infowar displays an objectís width, height and angle as well as the X, Y and delta X, Y coordinates much more accurately
    • Labels of the Hue effect adjustment wheel appear where they should
    • Keyboard shortcuts for changing gradient type and preset now also work when the Gradients palette is hidden
    • Large zoomed out images are now displayed sharper than before (requires OS X 10.11.2)
    • Fixed a rare issue where a zoomed out image became transparent while dragging a layer on Macs with a Retina display
    • Disabled Force Touch-Sensitive Painting. Visit our Forum to learn how to reenable it: bit.ly/reenable-force-touch
    • Improved stability of the Pixelmator Distort Extension
    • No more hangs when moving documents from iCloud Drive to another location using the title bar
    • Issues with Intel HD 3000 graphics cards
    Among one of the major improvements Pixelmator worked hard on in this update was improving compatibility with Intel HD 3000 graphics, an integrated type of graphics that come in some dated 2011 Macs as an alternative to discreet graphics. As Pixelmator explains in a blog post, the problem still isn't completely fixed, but they are continuing to try and improve compatibility as fixes become obvious to them Ė the problem being that there is a compatibility issue that needs to be worked around.

    The update is a free update from the Mac App Store for existing users, but for those that don't already own Pixelmator, it's a $29.99 download from the Mac App Store at this link.

    Source: App Store
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