• Apple Reportedly Working on 'Self-Healing Portsí for its Mobile Devices

    It's a report that immediately conjures images of Wolverine from X-Men and his legendary ability to almost instantly regenerate flesh after sustaining injury.

    Could this be the future of iPhones as well? If you're sniffing around the tech news blogosphere today, you may be thinking as much. According to a patent application recently filed by Apple, the iDevice maker is tinkering with so-called "Self-Healing Ports."

    What does that mean exactly? Well, if you're hoping that it means you can drop your iPhone, crack the screen and then wait five minutes for the whole thing to fix itself, you may be disappointed.

    "An electronic device has a self-healing elastomer applied over one or more external electronic connectors," the patent filing explains. "The self-healing elastomer may obscure the electronic connectors from the user as well as provide environmental protection for the connector and the electronic device. Electronic probes may temporarily penetrate the self-healing elastomer to mate with the electronic connector. After removal of the probes the self-healing elastomer may elastically reform and self-heal."

    So while we're only dealing with the process of plugging in a cable (and the opening and closing of the port in this process), the patent outline still sounds cool enough, right?

    Source: 9to5Mac
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