• Spotify Looking to "Window" Content and Restrict Some Music to Paid Subscribers

    Spotify, the streaming music giant, is supposedly buckling under the load of increased competition from the likes of Apple Music. A recent report is claiming that the service is considering a new content “windowing” policy that would make music from select artists available only to paying subscribers at first and made free to stream at a later date. As of right now, the company requires musicians to release their music to both paying subscribers and free users.

    The term, which is referred to as “windowing” is a strategy that could go into motion as a test to evaluate its effect on subscriber numbers and new sign-ups. According to the report, Spotify has roughly 20 million paying customers paying the $10-per-month subscription fee and another 80 million who listen to ad-supported streaming. Although talks are ongoing, sources are stating that Spotify reached a tentative agreement to window Coldplay’s upcoming album “Head Full of Dreams,” but negotiations failed after the band was unable to guarantee that its songs wouldn’t be available on other free platforms such as YouTube.

    The streaming giant’s shift in strategy is thought to be one created in response to increased pressure from pure-for-pay services such as Apple Music, which recently won launch day access to Taylor Swift’s “1989” album this summer. The ongoing rivalry between the music streaming giants has left musicians wary of online streaming services as a whole and their royalty payout structures, which are less lucrative than digital downloads and far behind physical media sales.

    The recent report tends to side with previous rumors that claimed Spotify was under pressure from music labels and in 2016 move to a premium-only streaming model for certain songs, albums and artists.

    How do you feel about the whole situation? Share your thoughts below!

    Source: The Wall Street Journal
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    1. CornLord's Avatar
      CornLord -
      I was an Rdio user and I recently tried to switch to Spotify. Even before this announcement, I was planning on leaving for Apple Music as soon as my trial is up. UI is a load of horseshit.
    1. lilpetabread's Avatar
      lilpetabread -
      Quote Originally Posted by Aninge View Post
      That's not right. I love music and I wouldn't like if it was restricted from me.
      Then pay for it. That's what we work for, right? To buy the things we love.
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