• Rumors Continue to Swirl About Potential Apple, GoPro Acquisition

    It's one of the most buzz-worthy acquisition rumors of the year. But, for the time being, talk of Apple acquiring GoPro is just that -- a rumor. But it's a hot one. And until the chatter is shot down or denied, expect the rumor to only grow hotter.

    On Thursday, shares of GoPro jumped better than 15% at one point, fueled by speculation that Apple would gobble up the company at some point soon.

    For Apple, the timing could be perfect. As MarketWatch notes, GoPro's stock has fallen 45% in recent months. Despite the downturn, GoPro still makes excellent products, most of which would make sense for Apple to utilize in some direct or indirect fashion.

    FBR & Co. analyst Dan Ives is just the latest market watcher to publicly discuss a potential deal. We believe GoPro would fit like a glove into the Apple product portfolio, Ives was quoted by MarketWatch. But do Apple and GoPro agree about this match made in mobile tech heaven? For now, no one is speaking on the record.

    Source: MarketWatch
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    1. fleurya's Avatar
      fleurya -
      I don't see a reason why Apple would have any interest in this. There doesn't appear to be any good way of integrating it with their current products/services line like Beats. So if there's not synnergy to come of it, and the market is down on GoPro in general, what would be the benefit to Apple?

      I'd rather see Apple start their own MVNO or even buy T-Mo or something.
    1. peacedog's Avatar
      peacedog -
      I have always been surprised that Red Bull didn't buy GoPro, as practically every Red Bull video is shot with a GoPro and is advertisement for GoPro.
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