• Apple Adjusts its iPhone 6s Lineup Pricing in India to Boost Sales

    In an effort to get the iPhone in the world’s second-most-populated country, India, Apple is reducing the price of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus by anywhere between 11% and 16%. According to the Times of India, the price cuts are a way for Apple to boost what it called “flagging sales” in the country since the launch of the iPhone 6s series. The entry-level 16 GB iPhone 6s can now be had for 48,499 rupees (off from the 62,000 rupees introductory price).

    It should be noted that even with the new pricing, the iPhone 6s is still considerably more expensive in India than the US based on current exchange rates. The 48,499 Indian rupees is roughly $732 US while a brand new unlocked 16 GB iPhone 6s is available in the US for $649. The new Indian pricing on the iPhone 6s lineup comes just after Apple cut the price of its entry-level iPhone 6s by almost half in the country. Though the iPhone 5s was selling for 44,500 rupees ($663) in September, it can now be purchased for 24,999 rupees ($372).

    For those of you who didn’t know, Apple has been struggling to gain marketshare in India where the import taxes, a weak currency and low wages compared to the West often keep iPhones out of people’s hands. The 62,000 rupee starting price for the iPhone 6s ($955) when it launched, made it $306 more expensive than in America. The Times shared that the iPhone 6s series pricing from what it said is one of India’s “biggest” websites. The current exchange rates were accounted for:

    • iPhone 6S (16GB): Rs 48,499 ($732)
    • iPhone 6S (64GB): Rs 62,849 ($948)
    • iPhone 6S (128GB): Rs 74,940 ($1,131)
    • iPhone 6S Plus (16GB): Rs 61,999 ($935)
    • iPhone 6S Plus (64GB): Rs 75,499 ($1,139)
    • iPhone 6S Plus (128GB): Rs 85,999 ($1,297)

    Even with the expensive costs in the country, Apple’s total sales in India crossed the $1 billion mark in a 12-month span for the first time this year. Apple managed a 44% increase in year-over-year sales and doubled its net profits.

    We’ll have to see if the changes help Apple gain the foothold the company is seeking to secure.

    Source: Times of India
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