• Apple's New App of the Week This Week is Puzzler Game 'har•mo•ny 3'

    Apple didn't have much of a chance to pick an App of the Week last week due to it being Christmas holiday, so Apple has updated the App Store on Monday with a new App of the Week to replace the previous pick of Attack the Light - Steven Universe Light RPG. This week's pick is a color and music-based puzzler game dubbed har•mo•ny 3.

    In har•mo•ny 3, you are given 170 levels of aesthetically beautiful color-based puzzle levels in which you have to move the color palettes around into a correct order. The palettes change colors over time, and time gets more critical as you move from level to level, so it's your job to not only solve the puzzles, but to be quick at it:

    If you're interested in grabbing har•mo•ny 3 while it's free of cost until this Thursday when a new App of the Week is selected, then you can head over to this App Store link and download the game to test your skills. Check it out!

    Source: App Store
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    1. EdwardSmith36's Avatar
      EdwardSmith36 -
      Wow.. Seem so interesting! I would like to give a try on this, if I really like it i won't think of paying any amount.
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