• The Apple Tablet: A Stroll Down Memory Lane

    For those who us who are fed up with rumors surrounding the upcoming Apple tablet, look on the bright side. The rumors are almost behind us. Better yet, this article doesn't present a new one. It does, however, give us a look back at the scope and breadth of the full body of rumors surrounding this new device (assuming it really exists, of course).

    Our friends over at The Green Blog have posted a unique image that coalesces all of the biggest rumors associated with this yet-to-be officially unveiled tablet. Taking a stroll down memory lane, it will only be a matter of days before we discover which (if any) of these speculations will manifest with an ounce of truth associated.

    1. Unique tablet UI
    2. Aluminium casting
    3. Quarter two launch
    4. Powered by a P A Semi chip
    5. Supported by multiple 3G carriers
    6. 3D operating system navigation
    7. March Launch
    8. Two different finishes
    9. Around $1,000
    10. January 27 unveiling
    Although the full list is presently twice as long as the sample presented above, its likely that it will grow even more by the scheduled release date.

    Until now, each item chronicled on the list has had its moment in the warm spotlight cast by the rumor mill. The latest talk of the blogosphere, however, is that the Apple Tablet will not come packed with a camera. According to a report this morning by the UK's popular Mirror publication:

    In a post slamming Techcrunch for reporting Orangeís misspeaking executive as confirmation of the Apple Tablet, Daring Fireballís John Gruber claims the Apple Tablet will not have a camera. Now there are plenty of Apple Tablet rumors out there but Gruberís obsessive reporting of Apple has got him some pretty solid sources.
    While some have come off "up in arms" over the theory that the tablet will be missing a camera, others are quick to point out that the device and its intended audience may not require a camera Of course, no matter how much - or how little - is ultimately packed into this product, there will be some who simply expected otherwise. For now, it is pointless and a gross waste of time to even attempt to separate the delighted from the disappointed until the tablet finally debuts.

    Image via The Green Blog
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