• Psystar Is Back From The Dead... Again?

    Mac clone maker Psystar is like a monster from a bad 1980's horror flick. It just won't die. No matter how many times we think Apple and the legal system have pounded the final nail into Psystar's coffin, the copycat monster keeps waking up and evading the graveyard to live another day. From Engadget:

    We're still not clear on whether Psystar is still in business, or if it's selling anything other than T-shirts, but the would-be Mac cloner isn't totally out of the game yet: it's filed an official notice of appeal in the California court, which means it's going to try and fight that decisive victory and injunction won by Apple a month ago.
    Psystar is officially hanging on by a thread. But the tenacious knock-off artists are going to persist until they legally can't do anything else. For now, while there is still a "hope" - no matter how minimal or dismal - Psystar remains committed to exhausting every alternative available to them. That's quite a change of initial tone since last December when the company agreed to cough up nearly three million in a "partial settlement." The subsequent injunction, however, all but put Psystar out of business permanently.

    But in dramatic fashion, late this week Psystar resurfaced to file a "notice of appeal" over the injunction presently restricting the company from distributing and selling its hardware imbued with Apple's operating system.

    Just based on the simple open-and-shut legal reasoning involved in the decision -- surprise, you can't copy, modify, and resell a copyrighted work without permission -- we'd say this appeal is a long shot, but we didn't go to Harvard Law School like Psystar attorney Eugene Action.
    Even if by some unprecedented miracle Psystar is allowed to re-open for business, it's not exactly clear what they still have in their inventory to sell. If Psystar is only going to be in the business of selling T-shirts, the company has a good chance of keeping its digital doors open. Otherwise, it seems Psystar doesn't have any other legal legs upon which to stand.

    Let's be honest: we never, ever, want this story to end.
    Image via Engadget
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