• Facebook rolling out in-app peek & pop features, more 3D Touch enhancements for iOS

    Today, Facebook is rolling out an update to iOS app that brings a few cool new features to the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. The 3D Touch improvement is instantly noticed when you 3D Touch on Facebook’s app icon, you’ll see a new “quick view” shortcut which takes you straight to your timeline. The Facebook app has recently added features to quick view actions shortcuts for uploading photo/video, status updates and taking a photo/video.

    Facebook says “users can now use 3D Touch to activate peek and pop with web links, profiles, groups, events, photos, profile pictures and cover photos.” The actual changelog within the App Store by Facebook does not detail any of the changes, but has given us an indication that there will be new features and performance and reliability improvements.
    Of course, there is a catch; Facebook mentions that it will slowly roll out these updates “over the coming months” and to “a small group of people” will see the new 3D Touch features today and may not be available for months to everyone else.
    Live Photos support which was announced in December is rolling out to more customers as well.

    Source: The Verge
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