• Teen Arrested For "Terror Threat" at Apple Store

    According to a report in The New York Post, a New York teenager has been charged with threatening to blow up an Apple computer store in a deadly suicide bombing. The "threat" was typed in a Stickies note on the screen of one of the display computers in the store. The young man said the note was a joke, but authorities are taking it seriously... and he may be sentenced with up to seven years in jail if he is convicted of the crime.

    Jason Barry, age 17, went to the Apple Store in the Staten Island Mall on Monday and typed a note on a display computer that was either a stupid, insensitive prank or a chilling threat. Barry told police it was a joke when he wrote "I have threatened your store and all its employees with a bloody death" and that "the innocent citizens that walk in will be eliminated." The authorities say it was a serious threat that they could not ignore.

    "Although this defendant claims he was joking, a letter threatening to inflict ‘a bloody death …’ is no joking matter," said Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan. "There are serious consequences for this type of reckless behavior. In the post-9/11 world, especially in light of recent terrorist plots against our country, behavior of this type must be taken seriously."

    The note was left on the Mac's screen, and authorities were notified upon its discovery. Witnesses who were in the Apple store at the time identified Barry as the note's author, according to the district attorney's office. Barry was arrested at home soon after, and was arraigned in Staten Island Criminal Court on the charge of making a terroristic threat - a felony offense which carries a potential jail sentence of up to seven years.

    Barry signed the note with the name of the father of one of his friends who was with him at the store. His parents posted his bail on Wednesday afternoon.

    image via Gizmodo Australia
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