• Apple patents hover-sensing multitouch display

    Apple has obviously released 3D Touch force-sensing input on iPhone 6s, Apple pushes for the perfect technology, most recently winning a patent that uses inline proximity sensors to detect non-contact hover gestures.

    Today, Apple has patented a Hover-Sensing multi-touch display. With 3D Touch, a mobile version of Cupertino's Force Touch, the screen supports multiple pressure points; push slightly for a preview, and all the way to open it in full screen or the accompanying app. Similarly, the patent suggests this new tech can correspond to the amount of hover.

    It's likely that some areas of the display will remain touch-only, while other, specific spots are used for making floating requests.

    Proximity sensors might also simulate the "pushing" of virtual buttons to "trigger functions without actually requiring contact with the touch panel." That could refer to apps on the home screen, or perhaps a virtual keyboard.

    Instead of extending a screen's height or width, Apple is looking to expand into a third dimension, by fusing proximity-sensing hardware with traditional multi-touch displays.

    Of course, we won't know if this will actually happen until Apple implements it into their hardware.

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