• [HOW TO] Backspace Digits in iOS' Calculator

    When you're typing in iOS' calculator sometimes you might make a mistake and probably get frustrated with Apple's iOS Calculator app not allowing you to backspace. However, there is a way of being able to delete an individual digit as you type - the function is just hidden behind a gesture with no jailbreak required.

    As you type, just swipe to the left or right across the top portion of the app, where the numbers appear. This will delete your most recently typed digit, so if you make a mistake, you can correct it without starting over.

    1. Simply open up the 'Calculator' app.
    2. Add/Divide/Multiply, up to you what ever digits you need (4+15)
    3. Swipe backwards on the digits screen like shown below.
    4. You will see your digit disappear.

    This is an old gesture (it's been around since at least iOS 6), but somehow I never knew about itóand we've never posted about it till last weekóso hopefully a few of you learned something new!
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    1. crslaeme's Avatar
      crslaeme -
      Ahaha sure did learn something new thanks now, I won't get angry when I type the wrong number ahaha
    1. Caiden Spencer's Avatar
      Caiden Spencer -
      Quote Originally Posted by crslaeme View Post
      Ahaha sure did learn something new thanks now, I won't get angry when I type the wrong number ahaha
      Haha a little trick I'll be posting these from time to time!
    1. bmwraw8482's Avatar
      bmwraw8482 -
      Ha. Thanks! That was a little annoying and I'm surprised I never tried swiping.
    1. mazzanic's Avatar
      mazzanic -
      you Sir, thank you! lol... I swear I'm not an idiot when it comes to these little easter eggs without google but that is one that I could never figure out! I always clear it all and restart.. Again, thanks and keep them coming
    1. Sage I's Avatar
      Sage I -
      Thanks Caiden! I just yesterday was using the calculator and punched in the wrong number and started over, I thought to myself "Why no backspace?" That's so rad that you can and now I know how...
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